The cloud computing market is an incredibly dynamic space that can be confusing. Though millions of individual consumers and companies depend on the cloud, many have ill-defined understanding of what cloud computing is all about. Primarily, cloud computing could be broken down in 3 categories, namely:

  • SaaS or Software as a Service – these are applications used in the cloud setting such as communication and email features.
  • PaaS or Platform as a Service – the platform in which these applications are running like web servers and databases.
  • IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service – the infrastructure that supports the platforms such as storage, servers and the virtual machines.

There are many companies which operate in any or more of the above broad categories. But here is a list of the top Cloud Computing Service Providers anyone planning to move to the cloud should think and know about.


1. Amazon – Amazon Web Service
2. openstack
3. Microsoft – Microsoft Azure
4. Google Drive
5. VMware
6. Salesforce.Com