This document is primarily written with reference to system performance monitoring and tuning but these tools are available in other Unix variants & Linux also with slight syntax difference.


Performance Analysis Tools

CPU Memory I/O Network
vmstat, iostat vmstat iostat lsattr
ps lsps vmstat netstat, entstat
sar svmon lsps nfsstat
trace, trcrpt, truss filemon lsattr netpmon
tprof, gprof, prof trace, trcrpt, truss lspv, lslv, lsvg ifconfig
time, timex topas, nmon filemon iptrace, ipreport
netpmon, curt, splat lparstat lvmstat tcpdump
locktrace fileplace trace, trcrpt, truss
emstat, alstat trace, trcrpt, truss nfs4cl
topas, nmon topas, nmon topas, nmon
lparstat, mpstat, smtctl lsdev
Performance Tunning Tools
CPU Memory I/O Network
nice, renice vmo vmo no
schedo ioo ioo, lvm0 nfso
bindprocess, bindintcpu chps, mkps chlv ifconfig
chdev chdev chdev chdev
wlm wlm migratepv
wpar wpar reorvg