For many Enterprises, moving to the cloud is easier said than done. While the move to the Public cloud is the first option for some, there are many Enterprises which are wary of the issues of Security, Control and lack of flexibility with the leading cloud platforms. Private cloud was not an easy option till  made it easy. For any Enterprise planning to move to the Private Cloud,  p...


  Why OpenStack when we can have the services from Amazon at a very affordable price? That is a question on the mind of many businesses which plan to move to the cloud. The first question should be “Public Cloud or Private Cloud”? There are many advantages of a private cloud which make OpenStack the platform of choice. The best reason I can come up with is . Also amazon has a global...


A shell wrapper that can help you upgrade the entire wordpress site and its supporting components.

Tool installation

  • Downloading the Phar file is our recommended installation method.
  • Check your environment meets the minimum requirements 1. UNIX-like environment; limited support in Windows environment 2. PHP 5.3.29 or later 3. WordPress 3.7 or later